Production Zone

ROB Watson.

I'm the driver and photographer on this adventure!

When I'm not on the road, I'm a multi-award-winning Radio Programmer & Multimedia Producer having worked for the BBC and commercial radio brands including Galaxy, Heart, Radio Aire, Capital and Capital XTRA. Most recently I launched and produced the 'My Capital' & 'My Capital XTRA' interactive apps for Global Radio (GOLD Award - Best Innovation, ARQIVA Awards 2016).

I'm also a freelance professional photographer specialising in portrait, street and travel photography. Check out my portfolio at RGW Productions and get in touch if you want to work with me!

The Accidental Banker

DALE Franzmann.

I was the Accidental Banker; it just never felt like a career. And for too long now, I've been desperately agitated with standing still and yet stationary all the same.

I always wanted to be a Teacher when I grew up. How on earth did I become a Banker?

The economic freedom with the disproportionate effort?  Whatever it was, my Global Financial Conscience wouldn't let me climb any higher.

So I left. Not on a jet plane. More like a campervan. Called Karen. 

My name is Dale. I was the Accidental Banker. Now I'm intentionally unemployed and wandering Europe. In a van.

The Workhorse

Karen the campervan.

And how could we forget the 3rd member of the team? Karen The Campervan! She's the one that does most of the hard work. She's a 2006 Mercedes Vito 109 CDi who's been professionally converted. If you're nice to her, she'll show you her pop-top. She loves the open road, likes to camp with a view, REALLY enjoys our singing and her favourite kind of road is one without pot-holes.