Be our stalker... but not in a weird way.

We've been trying to find a way to keep you updated on where we are in real time, plus sometimes we just need to remind ourselves where we've been too! We're not permanently connected to wifi (we are on this adventure to explore and see stuff y'know!) and we've found some mobile travel trackers absolutely sap our phone batteries, so it's been a bit of a challenge.

BUT, we may have found the perfect app for us. It's called 'Polarsteps' and you can track the current leg of our trip below or head to our Polarsteps page here. Be sure to download the app for yourself and give us a follow*.


A massive thanks goes to our Canadian cyclist friends we met in Iceland, Julian Thomas & Thomas Savouré for bringing Polarsteps into our lives! Make sure you check out their adventures and give them a follow too!