The 2016/2017 Emergency String MIX

Imagine me (Dale), belting out tune after tune while Rob expertly navigates Karen the Campervan along the meandering fjords of Iceland.


Music got us (Rob) through some long drives. Some very long drives.

Of course foreign radio gave us countless local hits which were *ahem* interesting, but as is the nature of globalisation, there were a few songs which seemed to follow us wherever we went. Some (I'm looking at your Craig David and Ed Sheeran) seemed to haunt us.

For your listening pleasure and in no order, we've curated a small sample of the music that was the soundtrack of our first year on the road.

We've included artists from all over Europe and the World: Sweden, Australia, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Japan, Canada, the UK, France and the US. We've mixed in some classics with the summer anthems that dominated the airwaves, and a little something from the random heavy-metal / alternative music festival we went to in Poland. 

We hope there's something for everyone.


We do feel slightly smug that we were listening to Despacito in Spain, in Spanish, before Justin Bieber sunk his smooth, adolescent tones into the catchy summer hit.