The Train Trip Through Colorado.

The trip from Chicago to Glenwood Springs was just the 24hrs (!!) but once we awakened from our overnight journey in Colorado, the views were spectacular. Climbing up through the mountains from Denver rewarded us with steep canyons and sprawling Colorado River valleys that weren't even accessible by car.

Glenwood Springs.

This is a small Colorado town which boasts natural thermal springs and the final resting place of gun-slingers Doc Holliday (Wyatt Earp's friend) and Kid Curry (one of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid's posse). River trails, buildings that still retain a flavour of the 'Wild West' and some of the friendliest town-folk we've met on our travels so far. We soaked in the hot springs, drank incredible coffee, ate some beautiful food and even got treated to free live blues music by the river. Glenwood Springs became more than just a half-way rest-stop on our train journey from Chicago to San Francisco. It was a great little find for a future visit. We'll be back!